Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic review

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Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic is a fun game that has been around since the early days of video gaming. It's a classic platformer where you play as Sonic and traverse levels full of enemies and obstacles in order to complete your mission. This game is packed with nostalgia, providing an exciting blast from the past that gamers will love. Whether you're a fan of old-school games or just want something different to try out, Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic can be just what you need!

A Fun Throwback That Has Its Weaknesses

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic is an old-school side-scrolling platformer where you take on the role of Sonic as he races through Green Hill Zone in order to defeat Dr. Robotnik. As you progress through each level, you must collect rings while avoiding obstacles such as spikes and enemies like Buzz Bombers or Motobugs. Along your journey, there are also power-ups that will give Sonic special abilities such as speed boosts or invincibility. Despite being over 30 years old, Sonic still looks stunning thanks to its vibrant colors and well-detailed sprites, which bring each zone alive in vivid detail.

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic has some great features that make it stand out from other similar titles. The graphics are sharp and colorful, bringing a much-needed modern touch to this classic title. There are plenty of levels to explore as well; each stage presents its own unique challenge and rewards players accordingly with power-ups and items if they manage to reach certain milestones within them. Unfortunately, though, there are some shortcomings, too; controls can feel clunky at times due to their lack of customization options, while navigating tight corners can be tricky due to awkward camera angles on occasion.

A Nostalgic Reminder Of How Far We Have Come

Sonic The Hedgehog™ Classic has been around since 1991, but it still holds up surprisingly well today despite having aged significantly since then due, primarily because it has remained so timelessly enjoyable; even after all these years, players still find themselves coming back time after time, just longing for more classic 16bit fun! Its legacy lives strong among fans who often remark on how great this game truly is even now compared to modern titles from other genres – proving again why Sega’s mascot remains so beloved throughout generations around the world today!


  • Great level design;
  • Varied and challenging enemies;
  • Fun and memorable soundtrack;
  • Offers a classic gaming experience;


  • Limited replayability;
  • Poor graphics compared to modern standards;
  • Short length;
  • Lack of modern features;
Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic Logo
Author: SEGA
Latest Version: 3.5.1
Publish Date: January 31, 2023
Size: 61M

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