F1 Manager 2024 includes Create A Team, due this summer

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Mar-13-2024
F1 Manager 2024 includes Create A Team, due this summer

Frontier Developments has confirmed the launch of F1 Manager 2024 this summer, marking the series' third installment with exciting new features. Notably, the upcoming game will introduce the Create A Team mode for the first time, granting players unprecedented flexibility in assembling their dream team from any drivers they choose. This addition promises a unique experience as players strive to guide their custom team to the forefront of the racing world, challenging the legends of the sport and building a lasting legacy.

A significant update involves the implementation of a mentality system for both drivers and staff, aiming to bring to life the unique personalities and requirements within the team. This system compels players to manage not only their team's morale but also the intricacies of car development, scouting for talent, and securing sponsorships. The game boasts a more sophisticated AI to present challenges on various fronts, including the risk of key team members being lured away by competitors.

Further enriching the gameplay, F1 Manager 2024 will feature refined racing mechanics and additional strategic options for players during races. The option for Race Replay, a popular feature from F1 Manager 2023, will be available again, allowing players to analyze real race outcomes and adjust their strategies. Moreover, those eager to dive into the action can directly engage in the Career mode with official F1 teams.

Scheduled for release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, F1 Manager 2024 will be available digitally at a price point of £29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99. While details on a physical edition are yet to be announced, Frontier aims to share more information in the upcoming monthly showcases dedicated to the game. With these enhancements and more, F1 Manager 2024 is set to offer an immersive management experience to fans of the franchise.