Anticipated Sonic Superstars Game Receives Age Rating in the US

  • Maria Bianchi
  • Jul-17-2023
Anticipated Sonic Superstars Game Receives Age Rating in the US

It's been a whirlwind for Sonic enthusiasts recently, keeping tabs on rumors and speculations about the upcoming game, purportedly named 'Sonic Superstars.' Elevating this suspense, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in the United States has now attributed an age limit to the yet-unofficial Sonic Superstars, inciting a fresh buzz in the gaming community.

With ongoing murmurs surrounding Sonic Superstars, its age rating valuation in the US further stirs predicted possibilities. ESRB assigned an 'E' rating to the new Sonic title, suggesting that rating for everyone. This rating is quite familiar with Sonic titles, reflecting the game's accessibility to players of various ages while maintaining mild content.

Despite the age rating, Sega, the renowned Japanese video game developer behind Sonic, made no official announcements about Sonic Superstars yet. However, the appearance of the ESRB rating typically signifies an impending game launch, as the age restriction is assigned during a game's final stages of development.

Furthermore, the ESRB rating displayed hints about the game as it includes brief content descriptors. Sonic Superstars is told to feature content involving 'mild fantasy violence'. This descriptor is prevalent in many action-based games and suggests an exciting, fast-paced gaming experience, possibly with battles or combat situations within a fantastical Sonic universe.

While Sonic fans understand that Sega remains silent on the game's existence, the ESRB rating has once again lit the embers of speculation. It gives a clear idea that something is brewing behind the scenes. Quite possibly, an official announcement is on the horizon. For now, Sonic enthusiasts can only wait and watch, keeping their fingers crossed for this highly-anticipated title.