Detailed Guide on Using Translation in Telegram

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Feb-08-2022
Detailed Guide on Using Translation in Telegram

Here is a guide that will help Android owners to understand each other in Telegram no matter what languages they speak. Telegram offers you to get in touch and make friends with people around the world. The recent update of the Telegram app revealed a bunch of new features, including the translator.

You don’t have to leave the chat and open a third-party translator to understand the other party. This feature is helpful in conversations with foreign colleagues or new friends. Before you use it, you have to quickly enable the feature.

Turning On Translation in Telegram

Pay attention! This feature is currently available on the Android mobile platform. You still need to enable it, if you want to use a translator. You may have noticed a specific section in Telegram where you can pick the language of your preference. The new feature works similarly and is located in the very same place. Follow the next steps to enable the service:

  1. Push the three horizontal lines to open the menu. You can see them in the left corner of the page;

  2. Find Settings and open them;

  3. Find Language and push it;

  4. You will see the text “Show Translate Button” before the list of languages. Toggle it on.

Warning! There is a “Do Not Translate” option under the “Show Translate Button”. It is made to keep the languages you are fluent in out of the translation. You can pick English so it would not be translated into any other language.

Specifics of Use

Once you enable the option, you have to learn how everything works there. Translation does not take much time, and you can see the ready-made text in a few simple steps. Follow these easy moves:

  • You need to find the message in the conversation you want to translate and tap it. It will open the menu in front of you;

  • In this menu, you will see a list of features, including Reply, Copy, Forward, and Translate. Pick the Translate option and smart AI will identify the language. The message will be translated into English or any other language you have by default there;

  • Once you receive the translation and read it, you can go back to chat by tapping the “Close Translation” button.

Privacy Issues

You may be wondering whether both mobile platforms offer similar features for Telegram users. It looks like Telegram for iOS owners has more services to offer when it comes to translating texts. Users can easily copy the text that was translated in one move. They can also change the language without leaving the chat. Android users still have to open another window to do the same. The translation menu is also simpler, but you can already pick the message manually, translate it, and copy it while using the native to Android formatting of the text.

There are also privacy concerns revealed by many users. Telegram uses Google translator’s services in its app. So, basically, when you ask for a translation, you receive it from the servers of Google. If you discuss the sensitive information with each other, keep in mind that its translation means that it will be transferred to the Google translator. If you worry about the security of your conversations, be cautious about translating the information via third parties. Meanwhile, if you don’t have any top-secret information in your chats, you can trust Google translator to work on your messages.

Telegram has one of the biggest groups of users around the world. The new feature was made to remove the language barrier between the two parties. You can connect with people from another part of the world and make more friends.

Have you already checked out the new translating feature? Are you an Android or iOS user? Share your opinion about the app and the new service it provides in the comments below.