Stumble Guys review

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Stumble Guys

Developed by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys is a brilliantly designed multiplayer party knockout mobile game that takes unconventional gaming to an unprecedented level. Drawing inspiration from popular TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, Stumble Guys brilliantly combines hilarity with challenges to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

With stunning visuals, comical character models, and colorful, obstacle-laden courses, Stumble Guys offers players engaging gameplay where the primary goal is to overcome obstacles and remain the last one standing amidst 32 players. The journey through spiraling mazes, dodging wrecking balls, and avoiding pitfalls enhances the hilarious chaos that defines this game.

Navigating the Bumps: Stumble Guys Under the Lens

Despite its charming, chaotic gameplay, Stumble Guys is not perfect. One noticeable shortcoming is the game's lack of variety in character customization. While players can choose different skins to don an eccentric look, there's an acute lack of detailed customizations such as face expressions, body types, or even the introduction of more diverse skins.

Another issue pointed out by players is the occasional latency issues and server disconnects that disrupt their gaming experience. Such hiccups can make controlling your character and timing your actions quite challenging, affecting the overall fun of the game.

Moreover, some users have voiced their concerns about the game lacking an offline mode. The multiplayer-only offering restricts users from playing the game without a stable internet connection, limiting accessibility for those wanting to play on the go or in areas with poor network connectivity.

Tripping Through User Impressions: Stumble Guys Feedback Loop

Generally, player impressions of Stumble Guys are overwhelmingly positive. The game's ability to plunge players into hilariously chaotic scenarios is commended and is considered its most significant draw. Its bright graphics and engaging gameplay have received massive praise for their ability to deliver endless fun.

However, the criticisms mentioned come to the fore in player reviews, with many expressing the need for improved customization, better server stability, and an offline playing mode. Furthermore, players have voiced their wish for new stages or modes to keep the game fresh and continually entertaining.

Despite these weaknesses, the sheer merriment and laughter Stumble Guys brings to players around the world is undeniable, making it a game worth stumbling upon.


  • Engaging and humor-filled gameplay;
  • Vibrant and eye-catching graphics;
  • Multiplayer functionality adds competitive fun;
  • Various challenging obstacles providing diverse experiences;


  • Limited character customization options;
  • Occurrence of latency issues and server disconnects;
  • Absence of an offline mode;
  • Lack of additional gameplay modes or stages.


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Latest Version: 0.37
Publish Date: August 14, 2022
Size: 120M

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