Elden Ring Fans Recreate Rykard in Fortnite Creative Mode

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Mar-14-2023
Elden Ring Fans Recreate Rykard in Fortnite Creative Mode

Elden Ring fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the game for some time now, and some have taken their excitement to the next level by recreating one of the characters, Rykard, in Fortnite’s creative mode.

Creative mode allows players to design their own games and experiences that can be published and shared online and has been a great way for players to express their creativity in the Fortnite universe. The game mode has been available since 2018 and has generally been well-received since its launch, allowing players to make homages to other popular games or genres.

This homage to Elden Ring is no different and has been met with enthusiasm from fans of both games. Players have gone to great lengths to recreate the character by utilizing creative mode and its various tools, such as terrain editing and the ability to create custom objects. 

Players have also taken inspiration from past games and have made maps that are similar in style and gameplay to other popular franchises. This allows players to experience a different side of the usual Fortnite experience and gives them the opportunity to explore a new world.

In addition to the creative mode, players have also been able to recreate Rykard in the game’s Battle Royale mode. This has been done by utilizing a popular game mode called “Mods,” which allows players to customize the game to their liking. Players have used this to their advantage to create Rykard in a manner that fits the Battle Royale game mode, allowing them to play with him in a more immersive way.

It’s great to see that fans of both Elden Ring and Fortnite have been able to come together and create something special. 

The creative mode and Mods game mode allows players to express their creativity in different ways, and the homage to Elden Ring is a testament to the dedication of the fans. We hope that the release of Elden Ring will give fans more opportunities to explore the world and create more homages to the game.

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