Embark on a Flight for Survival in Saborus: A Chicken's Tale of Escape

  • Maria Bianchi
  • Jun-04-2024
Embark on a Flight for Survival in Saborus: A Chicken's Tale of Escape

Saborus, the immersive survival adventure where one must navigate the perils of being a chicken in a processing facility, has launched its demo. Within the realm of indie game development lies the frontier of innovation in the video gaming industry.

These miniature enterprises lead the charge in pioneering novel narrative paths and interactive mechanics, frequently providing the most exhilarating adventures. As June progresses, welcoming a season filled with significant announcements, it's an ideal time to delve into captivating trials of more obscure games like Saborus.

Under the creative guidance of Jean Lima at High Room, a solo developer outfit from Brazil, Saborus unfolds the tense narrative of a chicken named Gisele attempting a daring escape from a facility meant for animal processing. The game is designed to engross players in Gisele's intense quest for liberation, reflecting the critical circumstances of confronting the looming threat of being turned into consumable goods.

The demo version of Saborus will be accessible on Steam for a limited two-day event during the OTK Games Expo, with plans to launch the full title across multiple platforms, including Xbox Series, PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch shortly afterward.

Will you brave the chilling adventure that Saborus offers, or does the challenge intimidate you?