Hasan Piker Is Currently Banned on TikTok

  • Maria Bianchi
  • Jan-17-2023
Hasan Piker Is Currently Banned on TikTok

Hasan Piker, a well-known content creator and Twitch streamer has recently been banned on TikTok. There have been many questions surrounding the ban and why it was put in place. It is believed that the ban may be related to a video Hasan posted regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Hasan Piker is well known for his work as a producer at The Young Turks and columnist at Huffpost, but now he mainly focuses on creating content through streaming video games on Twitch or posting videos on other platforms like Tiktok. However, recent events have led to him being banned from TikTok due to alleged hateful behavior toward Black Lives Matter (BLM). In his post, Hasan shared communication with TikTok support, where they explained that his editor's account was also banned because of this hateful behavior.

The specific incident which caused this ban occurred when Hasan reacted to a black woman saying "Black Lives Matter" while a white man said, "All Lives Matter". In order to explain the difference between these two phrases, Hasan pointed out how black people are disproportionately targeted by the criminal justice system, even resulting in deaths sometimes because of this prejudiced system. He went on to explain how ‘All Lives Matter’ ignores that reality instead of trying to address it properly, which can lead some people to think that bringing up such issues is wrong no matter what context there is.
In response to all of this commotion about possible hate speech used by Hasan in his video, Ostonox shared the clip from the original video where everyone can see for themselves how everything unfolded during those moments before getting banned from the TikTok platform altogether. Therefore it's hard not only for followers but also any random observer who has seen both clips side by side without any further explanation if anything could be called “hateful behavior” based on such material especially given all context provided prior within seconds of watching mentioned videos.


It remains unclear whether or not there was actually any hate speech used by Hassan or if he will be able to appeal successfully against being permanently removed from the TikTok platform. Though one thing still stands - many users, observers, and fans remain confused about the whole situation, wondering if such a sentence was justly deserved given all facts provided herewith. So until then, we patiently wait for the outcome hoping sooner than later, clarification will arrive so everybody involved can move forward with their lives accordingly.