How YouTube Music is Upgrading Its Platform to Compete with Spotify

  • Maria Bianchi
  • Apr-10-2023
How YouTube Music is Upgrading Its Platform to Compete with Spotify

YouTube Music has a vast library of songs due to different versions, but it lacks features compared to other streaming platforms. The company is taking measures to upgrade the app and make it more competitive by introducing various features, such as real-time lyrics. This feature will allow users to follow along with their favorite songs in an easier way than before.

Real-time lyrics are already present on third-party apps but are not yet available on YouTube Music. The feature automatically downloads the song’s lyrics and displays them in sync with the audio track for users' convenience. It makes it much easier for people who enjoy singing along or learning foreign languages through music as they can benefit from this new function of YouTube Music. Additionally, the platform will be able to detect when there are multiple versions of a single song playing at once and show the correct version's lyrics accordingly.

The new feature will be available both on Android devices as well as iPhones soon, according to reports, although no official announcement has been made yet by Google itself about its availability date or any further details regarding its functioning. Users have been waiting patiently for years now for this update since Spotify added real-time lyrics back in 2018, and Apple followed suit last year, making it available on its own streaming service – Apple Music – too. Now YouTube Music seems poised enough to join those two giants after having added many other similar features over time, like background listening mode, search filters based on genre, etc.

Apart from providing a more enjoyable experience while watching videos thanks to these upgrades that enable better navigation, Google also aims at adding a few more technical aspects here and there, which should help enhance overall user experience even further down the line, like high-quality video streaming support, among others. All in all, we believe that if all goes according to plan, then soon enough, Youtube music could very well become one of today's leading audio streaming services!

In conclusion, Youtube Music is doing everything within its power right now in order to upgrade its platform so that it can compete with popularly used applications like Spotify & Apple Music. With real-time lyric functionality being added soon, we expect many people will switch over, given how convenient this feature would make using Youtube Music overall!