Kevin Costner Stays Optimistic Despite "Horizon" Box Office Struggles

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Jul-03-2024
Kevin Costner Stays Optimistic Despite "Horizon" Box Office Struggles

Kevin Costner isn't concerned about his new western's underwhelming box office performance. "Horizon: An American Saga" has been characterized as Costner's grand tribute to the Western genre, boasting a colossal budget that matches its extensive running time.

In the US, the film's progress has been slow, and the opening weekend did not meet expectations. Ticket sales barely reached $10 million, a mere fraction of the film's production cost, which exceeds $100 million.

Despite numerous signs that the film may not succeed, Costner does not appear to be particularly distressed about the situation. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he expressed that the pressure of opening weekend results can often lead to disappointment. He emphasized his satisfaction with how "Horizon" appears and stated that its current look is important to him throughout this process.

Costner also acknowledged that he would indeed be very pleased if "Horizon" became a significant success. However, he stressed that the ultimate priority is his own contentment with the film, and he affirmed that he is happy with it.

Will you be watching Costner's expansive western?