PowerWash Simulator Has Been Played by 12 Million Players

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Apr-25-2024
PowerWash Simulator Has Been Played by 12 Million Players

Developer FuturLab has recently announced that their game, PowerWash Simulator, has reached a remarkable player count of 12 million. The studio credits its success to its intriguing range of collaboration DLCs, featuring tie-ins with popular franchises such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Back to the Future, and Warhammer 40,000.

Originally launched in early access in May 2021, PowerWash Simulator has expanded onto various platforms over time, offering its fanbase exciting new content. Players have had the opportunity to clean settings from iconic locations like Lara Croft’s manor in the Tomb Raider series to the fictional city of Midgar from Final Fantasy 7 and the quirky underwater town of Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob SquarePants.

FuturLab's CEO, Kristy Rigden, spoke with pride about the broad appeal of their game, emphasizing the wide desire among players for games that provide a calming and satisfying experience. The company is committed to delivering more games that offer this kind of relaxing gameplay.

The latest DLC addition to PowerWash Simulator is the Warhammer 40,000 Special Pack, which includes tasks such as cleaning an Ultramarines Land Raider and a Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought, adding a touch of sci-fi action to the mix.

Additionally, PowerWash Simulator has surpassed the bounds of traditional gaming platforms to venture into virtual reality. As of November 2023, the game became available on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets, offering a more immersive and engaging experience in virtual space.

As PowerWash Simulator continues to grow and innovate, FuturLab shows no signs of slowing down, determined to cater to the evolving preferences of its player base.