The 10 Most Anticipated MMOs & Expansions of 2024: A New Horizon in Gaming

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • Jan-14-2024
The 10 Most Anticipated MMOs & Expansions of 2024: A New Horizon in Gaming

The year 2024 promises to be an extraordinary period for the MMO genre with an exciting mix of brand-new worlds and expansions to beloved franchises. These games are not just a testament to the evolution of virtual worlds but a sign of their ever-growing popularity. Every game provides its own distinct experience, presenting a diverse range of gameplay options across different gaming platforms. As we look forward to these releases, let's explore the most anticipated MMOs and expansions that are set to redefine the online gaming landscape in 2024.

Ship Of Heroes: Superhero Customization Takes Flight

ship of heroes game screen

The dream of becoming a custom superhero is about to become a reality with Ship of Heroes. Following the footsteps of the classic City of Heroes, this sequel offers a futuristic setting where humans and their super-powered counterparts venture into space. With an incredibly versatile character creation system and a nuanced superpower customization mechanic, Ship of Heroes caters to the creative role-player who delights in crafting their own cape-wearing icon. Although an exact release date is still on the horizon, expectations are high for its launch by the end of the year.

Blue Protocol: Bandai Namco's Action-Packed MMO Adventure

Blue Protocol is poised to entice players who thrive on intense action combat. Developed by industry giant Bandai Namco, this game builds on the success of action RPGs like the Tales series and Scarlet Nexus. Set in the visually stunning world of Regnas, users choose from diverse classes to battle formidable monsters and embark on thrilling quests. The cel-shaded art style is not only a visual treat but complements the game's robust character customization options. Slated for release across multiple platforms, Blue Protocol is revving up to be a major 2024 highlight.

Once Human: Survival In The Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Once Human transports players to a world where Meta-Humans are the last bastion against global pollution. Here, survival is paramount, and scavenging for uncontaminated resources is a constant endeavor. The game's social dynamics are as unpredictable as the environment, with the potential to forge alliances or rivalries with fellow survivors. Following its second beta test, anticipation is mounting for its full release later in the year, offering a gritty, multiplayer experience in a desolate landscape.

Throne and Liberty: Epic Battles Await

Throne and Liberty game logotype

Throne and Liberty began its life as a sequel to the storied Lineage MMO before it was reimagined into a brand-new fantasy epic. Players can look forward to massive PvPvE battles, dynamic world changes, and the ability to shapeshift into animals to utilize special abilities. While the world waits for an official release date, the current phase of testing indicates that it won't be long before this ambitious project graces our screens.

Path Of Exile 2: A Darker Shade of Fantasy

The sequel to the acclaimed Path of Exile is highly anticipated by fans of the dark fantasy genre. Known for its deep customization and free-to-play model that shuns pay-to-win elements, Path of Exile 2 promises to expand on its predecessor with a fresh storyline, new classes, and an array of novel weaponry and locales. Gamers eagerly await a confirmed release date, but the teasers and gameplay footage released so far have certainly whetted appetites.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Expanding Tamriel's Boundaries

As an established staple of the MMO world, The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow with its eighth expansion set for 2024. Though details are scarce, the upcoming content is scheduled to be unveiled alongside major Microsoft announcements, fueling speculation and excitement among the community. The expansion is expected to introduce new regions, stories, and quests, continuing ESO's tradition of deep lore and engaging gameplay.

Guild Wars 2: A New Chapter Begins

Guild Wars 2 logotype

Since its launch in 2012, Guild Wars 2 has been lauded for its accessibility and customization. Each expansion has built upon these strengths, and the upcoming release is no exception. Though still unnamed, the expansion is set to continue the game's narrative following the conclusion of the Elder Dragon Saga. With an announcement in 2023 and a release date set for 2024, this expansion is one to watch.

Dune: Awakening: The Spice Must Flow Online

The iconic universe of Frank Herbert's Dune is set to grace the MMO scene with Dune: Awakening. Players will navigate the perilous dunes of Arrakis, where survival means mastering the environment and its politics. While details remain shrouded in mystery, the promise of an open-world survival MMO in the Dune universe has garnered considerable buzz, and fans are eager for a taste of what's to come.

WoW's The War Within: A New Epoch for Azeroth

As World of Warcraft continues to define the MMO genre nearly two decades after its debut, its tenth expansion, The War Within, is on the horizon. With a level cap increase, four new regions, and innovative features like Hero Talents and Warbands, this expansion is set to breathe new life into the venerable title. The introduction of Delves further adds to the allure, promising rich rewards for adventurers.

FFXIV's Dawntrail: A New Dawn for Eorzea

FFXIV's Dawntrail game screen

Final Fantasy XIV remains a juggernaut in the MMO landscape, and its fifth expansion, Dawntrail, aims to continue its legacy of compelling storytelling and immersive gameplay. Introducing new regions and jobs like Pictomancer, Viper, and Beastmaster, Dawntrail is the beginning of a new adventure for both old and new players alike. Although the release date is not yet set in stone, anticipation is high for this next chapter in the FFXIV saga.

In conclusion, 2024 is shaping up to be an exhilarating year for MMO enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With the advent of new titles and the continuation of established favorites, the genre shows no signs of slowing down. Each game on this list not only offers a unique experience but also represents the diversity and innovation that MMOs can offer. Whether you're a fan of high-fantasy quests, dystopian survival, or space-faring superheroes, there's something on the horizon for every type of player. As we count down the days until these games are in our hands, the only certainty is that the world of MMOs is about to get a lot bigger and even more thrilling.