Nintendo Aims to Curtail Scalper Activity for Future Hardware

  • Maria Bianchi
  • Jun-28-2023
Nintendo Aims to Curtail Scalper Activity for Future Hardware

Nintendo, the Japanese video game giant, has rolled out its measures to combat the growing issue of hardware scalping. In a stark move against those buying their products solely for reselling at exorbitant prices, Nintendo Project Leader Yoshio Sakamoto unveiled plans during a recent Q&A session of the corporation’s 81st annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Project Leader's proposed strategy against scalping emerged ahead of the launch of the much-anticipated OLED model of the Nintendo Switch on October 8. Sakamoto acknowledged the growing problem of scalping, noting that the company is fully aware of the frustration it poses to its faithful customer base. He stated, “Concerning the purchase of our products for resale, we are continuously implementing measures to prevent this."

Sakamoto refrained from divulging the specifics of the new measures aimed at deterring scalpers but confirmed that Nintendo has been working toward manufacturing enough units to meet demand. This step is crucial in removing the vacuum that scalpers typically exploit due to limited product availability. Nintendo's strategy involves striking a balance between meeting its fans' demands and managing production costs.

Sakamoto's statements come amidst numerous reports of scalping incidents during recent high-demand product launches. Prominent instances include the PlayStation5 and the graphics cards from NVIDIA's latest 30-series. These launches saw scalpers leveraging bots to purchase huge quantities of stock within seconds of becoming available, reselling them later at considerably inflated prices.

While Nintendo has not yet shared the specifics of its anti-scalping measures, these initiatives are a positive step forward. Even though it is unclear how effective these measures will be in completely mitigating scalping activity, it presents a real commitment from Nintendo to attempt to crack down on such unfair practices. Therefore, this move is an assurance to Nintendo's loyal fans – the company is actively working to ensure they can purchase its products at the intended prices.