Valve's Rumored Hybrid Shooter Deadlock Stirs Excitement with Potential Overwatch and TF2 Fusion

  • Giuseppe Rossi
  • May-22-2024
Valve's Rumored Hybrid Shooter Deadlock Stirs Excitement with Potential Overwatch and TF2 Fusion

Speculation about a new game from Valve is continuously circulating online, with recent purported leaks lending weight to the buzz concerning a hybrid shooter that blends elements of Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. The game, tentatively titled Deadlock, previously known under the moniker Neon Prime from a trademark registration two years prior, is starting to garner attention.

According to various informants and Valve insiders, Deadlock is being described as a third-person shooter supporting 6 versus 6 gameplay, integrating aspects from Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, Orcs Must Die, and featuring elements of tower defense. Additionally, players will navigate the environment using metallic tracks reminiscent of those seen in Bioshock Infinite.

Following the initial buzz, a batch of images allegedly associated with Deadlock surfaced online, succeeded by a one-minute video clip that appears to showcase gameplay. This footage presents a character navigating the map via rail-based ziplines, engaging in combat using a pistol, and browsing menus showing a roster of 19 heroes.

These potential heroes include a magic-wielding archer named Grey Talon, a stealthy figure reminiscent of Overwatch's Sombra called Haze, a fire-loving character named Infernus, a vampiric entity known as Lady Geist, and an intriguing winged goblin. It's suggested that these characters are all playable in a current closed beta test of the game.

According to leading leakers like Tyler McVicker, an announcement for Deadlock may be just around the corner, with the game reportedly undergoing playtesting. This step involves not just Valve’s development team but also external content creators. Venturing back into the realm of hero shooters with a brand-new title instead of continuing existing series seems in line with Valve's innovative ethos. However, official confirmation is pending.

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