Elijah Wood's New Look in Bookworm Sparks Imaginative Fan Theories for Lord of the Rings Connection

  • Maria Bianchi
  • May-21-2024
Elijah Wood's New Look in Bookworm Sparks Imaginative Fan Theories for Lord of the Rings Connection

An early glimpse into Elijah Wood's next venture, a blend of adventure and comedy titled Bookworm, is now accessible – with a unanimous reaction regarding his look from the Lord of the Rings admirers.

The sneak peek at this forthcoming film featuring Elijah Wood has sparked an identical reaction from the audience about his portrayal. According to the provided summary, the narrative revolves around 11-year-old Mildred, whose life takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of her distant father, Strawn Wise, a declining magician. He decides to care for her and proposes an expedition to chase the mythical Canterbury Panther. Strawn Wise, portrayed by Wood, appears with a distinctive mustache and unkempt hair in the visual.

Several admirers of the Lord of the Rings have humorously suggested that Wood could portray Aragorn in The Hunt for Gollum, noting their resemblance. Although specific plot details remain undisclosed, a fan-produced film from 2009 under the same title, inspired by the appendices of the original Lord of the Rings book, hints at the storyline. It unfolds with Gandalf the Grey anxious over the possibility of Gollum revealing secrets of the One Ring to Sauron, hence dispatching Aragorn to locate him. There's still no confirmation on whether Viggo Mortensen might reprise his role as Aragorn in the film.

"Imagine Elijah as Aragorn and casting Viggo as Gandalf! That would truly baffle everyone," quipped a fan on Reddit. Another enthusiast pondered the idea earnestly, noting, "He appeared too youthful two decades ago, but now, his age might just suit the role perfectly."

Moreover, given Wood's utilization of a wig...several enthusiasts have referred to a well-known prank interview from the Lord of the Rings, which becomes a sensation almost every fortnight.

Bookworm is anticipated to premiere on October 3. Meanwhile, The Hunt for Gollum is scheduled for a 2026 launch. For further excitement, explore our compilation of the most anticipated upcoming films slated for 2024 and beyond.